Girls On Fire – Victoria and Flik Founders of Ballet Workout Class Sleek Technique

Victoria Sleek

Name Victoria Marr

Occupation Professional dancer, Co founder and trainer at

Geography Right in the middle of England!

How she moves I have spent my life as a professional ballet dancer with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, touring the world and dancing a wide variety of repertoire. I have always complimented my classical ballet training with other fitness and studied to become a personal fitness instructor seven years ago. It struck me that much of conventional fitness training is designed for a man’s body and adapted to a woman’s. It can therefore potentially build bulk rather than feminine, lean muscle tone. In creating Sleek Technique, myself and fellow dancer Flik Swan have fused the most effective bits of both worlds to develop a method that creates a strong but slender dancer-like physique with beautiful lines and curves in all the right places.

To keep my body in shape, I practice what I preach. I am in the Sleek studio most days giving a variety of Sleek classes and working alongside our clients. Because the majority of our training is online, people can login from anywhere to take class with us live, in real time, with interaction and feedback making sure they get the most out of every exercise.

Favourite pair of kicks My New Balance trainers. Love the lightness of them, the flexible soles give me a good range of movement in my foot and the colours are cool!

Favourite piece of kit My Sweaty Betty Adagio Seamless Leggings. They are like a second skin and the shaping of them holds you in all the right places.

Description of what you are wearing in the picture I never wear baggy workout gear.  It makes it hard to see good technique and line. I wear leotards a lot in Sleek classes for exactly this reason. I love the Mirella leotards, one of which I have on. You can design your own, mix and match colours, cuts and styles to get a one-off.

Favourite active wear brand Sweaty Betty – great company ethos that brings fitness into the community of wherever there stores are located. They design fitness wear that has thought put into what a woman wants from it. It is always supportive in the right places, soft and stretchy where it needs to be, beautifully cut and finished and lasts the test of repeated Sleeking. I love the fun and funky palette and always enjoy my workout more in it!

SAM_1582Name Flik Swan

Occupation Professional Dancer and co-founder of Sleek Technique

Geography London

How she moves Sleek Technique Ballet workouts all the way – my mum took me to my first baby ballet class when I was two and a half years old and I’ve never looked back. Ballet is not just a beautiful way to get a lean, flexible body; it is also an athletic training which gives you incredible strength, posture and stamina.  Our Sleek Technique classes combine fitness training with classical ballet exercises for an all over workout.

Favourite pair of kicks its bare feet, socks or ballet shoes when I’m training or teaching Sleek but when I’m in between classes you’ll catch me in my New Balance trainers – bright blue so you spot me a mile off!

Favourite piece of kit legwarmers!  They have been almost exclusive to dancers for decades but are now crossing over into mainstream fitness – I wore them when they weren’t a fashion trend because they actually do a job… keeping your legs warm!  Everyone should have a pair if you ask me!

Description of what you are wearing in the picture This is one of my favourite Bloch leotards with Sancha legwarmers

Favourite active wear brand I have recently discovered Striders Edge which I am a big fan of because the feel and quality of the collections are outstanding and the pieces are functional too, something which is essential when you workout as often as I do.

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