Name Jenna Anians

Occupation President & Co-Founder at

Geography London

How she moves My real passion when it comes to training is my bike. I recently got a new bike and I absolutely love it. I cycle to and from work most days and love to go on long cycle rides at the weekend. I love yoga, swimming, fishing and have recently been trying out a bit of Shaun T’s P90x Insanity Challenge – tough stuff!!

Favourite pair of kicks Loving my Nike Free 3.0 at the moment – it’s my first movement towards a more minimalist running shoe and I also love the design and the mad range of colour ways that you see women out and about in – it’s a really cool running look when they’re teamed with a simple black running tight.

Favourite piece of kit I’d have to say it is the Tribesports Performance Half-Zip top. It’s so soft and warm that I’ve found myself wearing it for more than just training. It’s also super comfy. I love the thumb holes as well to keep the sleeve in place and offer extra warmth. I was out running in Central Park in late December and got caught in the hugest sleet storm, I was very impressed with the quick-dry wicking function in the fabric, I dried off much sooner that I thought I would, thank goodness!

Description of what you are wearing in the picture In the Central Park picture, where I’m looking a little dishevelled following a 5km run in a -2 degree sleet storm, I’m in the Tribesports Performance Half-Zip top and the Nike Element running tights!

Favourite active wear brand Well I’d have to be pretty crazy not to say Tribesports, wouldn’t I? The focus is on the everyday sports person and they are the driving force behind our brand, influencing everything we do with their input and training. I am confident that we are bringing a really positive disruption to the sportswear market, offering premium quality and transparent price points, passing both savings and the brand direction back into the hands of the customer.

What is on your fit fashion wish list We’re currently busy working on producing the new range of colours to add to the Tribesports Range as a result of the vote we put to the Tribesports community, to choose the next colours that they wanted. As a community-powered sportswear range, real sports people are involved at every stage, so I’m so excited about getting my hands on some more kit in some exciting colours chosen by our community of sports people. You can see the story behind the vote here.  I’m also planning to sign up for my first triathlon in 2014 and have my eye on a bespoke swimsuit from this beautiful small surf brand based down in Cornwall:  I think they’ve done a great job at bringing something a little bit different to market. Everybody can create their own one-of-a-kind piece!

What do you think will be the 2014 fitness fashion trends I think 2014 will see even more of a close in the gap between function and fashion in sportswear – We want to have it all. We want our kit to perform effortlessly whilst looking effortlessly cool – whether we’re training or grabbing a drink with friends after a heavy gym session, we’re demanding new levels of versatility between performance and style from our sportswear.

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