Name Sally Moss

Occupation Founder and head coach at Strength Ambassadors

Geography London

How she moves Right now I focus on Olympic weightlifting – the snatch and the clean & jerk – and associated gym lifts such as squats, pulls and so on. I like to throw in heavy circuit training and rock climbing when I have the chance.

Favourite pair of kicks/trainers and why My Adidas Power Perfect II Weightlifting Shoe because it makes my snatch more awesome! I want to get a pair of Nike Frees too; so many people rave about them.

Favourite piece of kit and why I like my Strength Ambassadors branded tshirt. It makes me proud to see my own company’s logo on a piece of clothing. I also have loads of Nike leggings because they are incredibly versatile; I wear them for anything from training to work to chilling out at home!

Description of what you are wearing in the picture I’m wearing a Nike top and Adidas trousers, with my Do-Win weightlifting shoes. These are my second shoes which I generally use to teach in, as I leave my Adidas shoes at my weightlifting club. The Do-Wins have served me well over the years and are a good starter shoe as they are cheaper than the big name brands.

Favourite active wear brand and why I like, a quirky sports clothing brand started by my friend Ify Osi. He’s just brought out a cool new ladies tank top that I really want to get my hands on. Ify also makes short sports films and did a great video based on my ‘Ladies Who Lift’ course at

I also like new brand BAA (Be An Athlete), which is co-owned by a colleague of mine. I love their classic vests; they are very flattering and feel lovely too. The design is understated, which I like.

Blog name/website/twitter/FB My website is My Facebook page is and I’m on Twitter @gubernatrix

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