For Winter 2013 LUCAS HUGH explores signature themes of futurism and new beginnings with a space warrior-referenced collection that takes inspiration from the Rover Curiosity mission to Mars. Streamlined, sci-fi silhouettes and crisp, functional pieces combine to offer slick, ultra-modern ensembles shot through with Martian shades of Crimson Ore, Peacock Plum and Hematite Orange.

Tailoring references feature throughout, continuing LUCAS HUGH’s pioneering approach to sportswear cover-ups. Leggings get a seasonal makeover in autumnal shades of ruby and plum with firm hip and waist support.

“The technical and mechanical aspects of the Rover Curiosity mission were my initial inspirations, which led me to explore a how a female space pioneer might dress on Mars – what she would wear and walk around in…” Anjhe Mules, Creative Director

The collection is exclusively available at Equinox London from 14th – 31st May

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