You got the latest patterned leggings with tank to match, your kicks are slamming and your cover-up is so fly that it’s good enough to wear on the weekend when you are meeting up with your friends.  There is only one thing missing from your workout wardrobe and that is a slamming gym bag wait no more ladies it is here in the ‘guise of the brand new GymTote bag that ‘looks like a handbag performs like a gym bag’.

The GymTote is the creation of Helena and Nicola who come from a sports management and fashion background respectively.  They have rather cleverly created a gem of a bag that effortlessly fuses the regular look of a handbag with the functionality of a gym bag or sport’s holdall and so much more.

I have been harping on about when active wear designers, in the UK are going to bring out a decent gym bag for yonks because that whole, nylon-plastic-look bag is so 2000 and late and needs to be brought right up to date which is exactly what the GymTote has done.

The exterior design, which looks like a smart handbag, is ideal for your female corporate city worker or anybody who dreads lugging their sports bag and regular bag along with them every time they go to train.  There is also the host of features that come with the bag as standard that will make any regular gym goers life a whole lot easier.  Separate, breathable areas for kit and trainers, wipe-able linings, a dedicated handbag section at the top so your work things don’t have to mingle with you sweaty kit.  Water bottle holder with water-resistant lining to manage any accidental leaks that you might have too, and my favourite bit is the separate compartment to stash your trainers so no more dirty soles on clean kit.

It’s beyond cool and if you are looking to upgrade your gym bag with some proper arm candy then the GymTote could just be the best gym bag you will ever own.

The bag comes in two styles Eva (pictured above) £115 and Reese £120 and are available from

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