This is one of my favourite fitness accessories ever – I have one and use it all the time.  The active scarf is a high-performance multi-use wrap that keeps people warm, dry and looking stylish all day.  It can be worn as a dress, skirt, wrap, scarf, blanket or yoga mat carrier. I have used mine as a day-to-day scarf, a mat during yoga and as a towel when I forgot mine in a spinning class.  Its versatility is down to the drirelease™ technology that wicks away sweat and water four times faster than cotton. It’s machine washable – you can chuck it in with your workout clothes.  The scarf is also a hygienic alternative to in-flight blankets (if you are a traveller) and savasana blankets for yogis.  It looks good too and will safely take you from studio to street and back again.

Borelli Active Scarf $36.00 (£22.50)

 I just got some great Xmas fitness fashion gift ideas from #kicksandkit

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