I love a little gym gadget especially one that can actually make my workout life that bit easier and I think I have found it in the guise of Flipbelt.  You know when you’ve paid over £100 for a pair of nice patterned leggings (not me mate) only to find that you’ve no where to put you locker key or mp3 player (major design error)?  Annoying right? Not any more, the Flipbelt is the answer to all those problems of where to store all those pesky little items that you don’t want to store in you main locker when you workout.

These singular tubular pocket is made of a moisture-wicking spandex lycra blend that slides on and sits on your hips over your leggings or shorts with no slipping or unwanted moving around.  It super flattering too, as it acts as a tummy-hiding waist band too and the different colour ways can jazz up even the dullest pair of leggings.  To keep it secure, once you’ve filled it you just flip it inwards and now everything you need while you workout is safe and secure around your waist.  No more bulky pockets in sight or having to bring an additional bag on the gym floor best of all you can use it whilst you run, dance or train and it makes a perfect Christmas gift.

www.theflipbelt.co.uk £25

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