I’ve always been a bit sceptical when it comes to women’s apparel that use words like, ‘drop a dress size’ or look ‘firmer and more toned’ but given that brands like Spanx are now billion-dollar businesses and a staple in most women’s wardrobes they have got to be doing something right for women’s body confidence. When TLC Sports hit me up about their performance  ‘figure firming’ leggings that claim to, ‘smooth out your lumps and bumps’ well I just had to give it the Kicks and Kit once over.

FASHION – This is a basic, long-length, good quality, black opaque legging and it’s very heavy too, which served me well when I wore them to the gym on a particularly cold day.

FIT – Well, this is funny thing, when you put them on they feel really tight (probably sucking in my body fat) but after a bit of moving they felt better and when I looked in the mirror (a real one not those slimming ones at the gym) they did make my silhouette looks smoother and dare I say it slimmer.

FUNCTION – Like I said, these are a basic legging with no hidden pockets of zips – I need that shizz in my performance wear. Also because they are very heavy I felt very hot once I got inside of the gym so I’d probably wear them after my workout home or if I was training outside because they are so warm.

‘FFORDABLITY – £40 not bad I reckon and they come with a ten year guarantee and claim to ‘never ever lose shape’

COP THIS/DROP THIS?  I’d probably ‘cop this’ cos at my age any additional help you can get with looking smooth is a blessing. Plus it’s a good basic to have in your workout wardrobe and it will serve you well in winter too.


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