I am always trawling the internet for hot new sportswear and active-wear brands and when I saw these Suki Shufu Leatherbacks leggings I was like, dayum I need these in my life!

Suki Shufu’ is the name of Caroline White’s premium active-wear and accessories label and also her new alias. In Japanese ‘Suki’ means ‘I like’ or ‘favourite’ and is also a feminine name, ‘Shufu’ translates to ‘housewife’. Caroline, a former Australian gymnast started the brand after being made redundant, and recognising a need in the UK for a fashion forward, stylish active-wear brand.

First of all I aint never ever seen no leather- looking fitness performance leggings like these and I’ve been in the fitness game a long time.  Secondly they are so damn on-trend that I could easily rock up to a club in these and look decent. Thirdly, and probably most important, at my age a sistah needs some help defying gravity in the bumper area and these make my ass look like I’ve done a million squats without even stepping foot in the gym.

In short, these Leather Backs are just too dope.  I know this because when I wore them to gym all ‘eyes were on me’, like Britney and Will.I.AM!!!

I will stop rambling now  and let you read my super strict criteria that I use when it comes to testing and reviewing products for my ‘cop this’ section.

FASHION – Banging! On trend and you will turns heads, in a good way.

FIT – Well, they managed to make my big ol Ghanaian ass look more toned and shapely so I’ll take that and give it a bit tick for the fit.

FUNCTION – I wore these to teach my circuit class and they did they job when I demo’ed the exercises.  Not sure I’d run in them though because I like to have places to put my i-pod, keys etc and these legging do not have any hidden waist band or back pockets. I’d rock these at yoga, pilates or for teaching maybe spinning but they are suitable for all types of activity.

‘FFORDABLITY – £69.95 I think that’s pretty good going considering you are getting the whole gym to street look, I think it’s worth it.

COP THIS/DROP THIS?  For shizzle!!! If you are into fashion, function, fit and looking downright hot when you train then cop these for sure.  You won’t look back – except to see how fine your ass is looking in them and that has got to be good right?



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