Name Holly Patricia Emerson

Occupation Commercial Buyer (PT in training)

Gym Champion London

Federation WBFF

Geography Southampton

How she moves I train hypertrophy & strength, lots of concentration lifting. I love feeling the burn and grow in the contraction or extension on the concentrated muscle

Favourite pair of kicks I love my Nike Force wedge trainers!! But for training I actually have a trusty orange pair of Sketchers GORUN. They are so light, slip on and are unbelievable comfortable for fasted cardio

Favourite piece of kit I’m currently aiming to grow my quads, so my favourite equipment at the moment is the leg extension and press

Favourite competition bikini designer I worn La Diva Design so far and love Veronique’s bikini designs but I think Alex Davey has a special flare for the Diva Fitness costumes! Feathers, feathers everywhere!

Description of what you are wearing in the picture My beautiful baywatch inspired high rise La Diva Design.

Favourite active wear brand Love training in loose fitted vests as it gives me room to move whilst training and I don’t get too hot during cardio. Under Armour do the best burn out vests with cool slogans! I have had my eye on a few Brazilian bodysuits though?

Twitter @HollyEms
Instagram @HollyPatriciaEmerson

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