I am a massive Nike Free fan and have been rocking versions of them since my youth when they were known as Nike Rift.  Fast forward ten years later and they are still my go-to cross training shoe for teaching my clients or for when I training myself.  Imagine my joy when I paid a visit to the recent Nike Free ten years anniversary event and clapped eyes on these super-fresh Nike Free 1.0 Cross Bionic, the latest drop from Nike to include a shoe specifically designed for fast-pace, high-intensity workouts.  With a 0mm offset, the Nike Free 1.0 shoe offers the lowest profile of all the Nike Free training shoes giving it a virtually barefoot feel, which is perfect for someone like me who mainly lifts weights and does interval training.  These shoes also help you stay stable, balanced and flexible, and as is standard with most Nike shoes are going to add that all important pop of colour to your outfit giving you the ultimate fitness fashion statement on your feet.

Nike Free 1.0 Bionic £80 available in four colours www.nike.com/gb

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