My Christmas wish list is very, very long but if I had to narrow it down to one thing then it would have to be these Sneakerboots from Nike – I want these bad boys sooooo much!  Sneakerboots are a kind of cross between a regular trainer and a boot which makes it an ideal choice for any lady (like me) that lives in trainers, needs something warmer for the winter and likes to keep it swag.  They are loosely designed around the original Nike Frees, which are always my ‘go to’ shoe for cross training, and are described as a, ‘barefoot like feel winter boot’.  They look fashionable and are not clunky and heavy like other winter boots.  You could rock these leaving in your gym attire or with your regular day wear. These are everything and I am hoping that they are under the tree come Christmas.

Nike Free Run 2 Sneakerboot £90

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