When I saw these Adidas Leopard print Tech Super Z I nearly fell off my chair, too much heat for my feet people!!! If you say to me that you don’t like these kicks then you must have sand in your eyes because they are grrrrrreat (I had to get that in).  I mean where do I begin – leopard print for days with some performance thrown in, and true fitness fashionistas know that you need some leopard in life for autumn/winter 2013.

Also, I got to give to Adidas for coming out with these kicks because we normally see this kind of edginess and on-trend style from Stella McCartney for Adidas not Adidas mainline.  They have def taken this season’s animal print trend and ran with it though because when I had a little browse on their site it had gone leopard printtastic and I am not mad at them for it! Even if you where wearing all black errrthing (fitness folk love all black) and you rocked up with these on your feet it would be game over ‘cos they are that fly.

Dunno about you but I am about to cop a pair myself, just hope they still have some left.


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