1. Thou shalt wear a sports bra when working out. How is that women are still going to the gym, not wearing a supportive bra when they training and feeling ok about it? It’s probably the most important bit of kit that a women can have in her gym bag, not only is it going to support the girls but it also protects my eyes cos ladies, to be frank, I  am not trying to see your boobs jiggling all over the shop. Cost is not an excuse either as you can pick one up from Primark for a tenner so what are you waiting for.

  2. Thou shalt not wear leggings that give you camel toe.  To be honest the fault with this lays, mostly, with activewear designers who are mugging women off by not bothering to put a simple gusset in the crotch area and charging they are charging you a premium to boot.   That said, you do still need to look in the mirror before you step out in those legging sisters – camel toe is never a good look even if you are wearing the latest £150 leggings.  If you are, then you’ve definitely been had because for that amount of money I’d not want my punany to be on show – no way, no how.

  3. Thou shalt no longer wear that favourite charity running t-shirt over and over again.  We all have that running/mud race type t-shirt that we are mad proud of because we got a PB or simply managed to completed the race. I get that you might want to show off your achievements to all and sundry but this is fitness fashion we are talking about and those type of tops are not the one!  Especially if you wear it over and over again to the point that it just looks old and tired.  Remember if you look good before you enter the gym you are likely to feel even better when you leave. Send that shizz back to the charity shop once and for all.

  4. Thou shalt not wear dope leggings with wack kicks.  This is a major bug bear for me and a big fitness fashion crime in my eyes.  How are you gonna come on social media bragging about your stylish new leggings and not even bother to sort out your footwear?!!! That’s like wearing a super-chic little black dress and then putting a dead pair of shoes on to finish off the outfit.  True fitness fashionistas understand that the kicks are like the full stop on your whole outfit and those muddy running shoes that some of you have been living in need to go now!

  5. Thou shalt not wear over-priced fitwear with no technical capabilities. This is kind of what I touched upon in commandment two, 2014 has seen a major rise in ‘designer’ activewear labels all vying for your money, with souped up promises of technical performance that simply doesn’t exist in their garments and, most of it is little more than sportswear with a bit of sweat-wicking in it (if you are lucky).  Since, I am in the gym training for my fitness comp (post coming soon) six days-a-week I expect a lot more from my kit, for starters a hidden pocket to store my gym key or some four-way-stretch would be nice especially if you want me to pay big bucks for your clothes.  Maybe I am too discerning but a floral pattern and a bit of mesh does not cut it with me, show me what I am paying for or call yourself sportswear not activewear.

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